Rachael Causer’s sculpture is grounded in material, in objects and in processes;  exploring how things break, scatter, dissolve and transform over time. Interested in the way human and non-human activities intertwine, her works are a subtle nod to the tenuous line we tread between co-existing and colliding fragile ecologies.

She examines the vernacular; places of work, domesticity and daily routine. Often focussing on traces relating to touch, repeated activity and labour her works throws light on unseen elements in a forensic manner, questioning the roles of chance and intention to be found in the evidence of our  everyday lives – crumbs on tabletops, scarred workbenches and desks, woodworm-eaten furniture, carpet fluff underfoot.

Her objects resist easy description. Utilising the familiar (Tupperware, carpet, pieces of furniture), the resulting forms transcend their humble origins, manifesting as something new, something recognisable and simultaneously unfamiliar. Often the original function is evident but these are functionless things.

Alongside her practice she works in various capacities in schools, the NHS and the community, leading and collaborating on diverse projects and partnerships with others. Recent residencies include Safe House in Peckham and the Tavistock and Portman NHS Mental Health Trust. Her work is held in the Tavistock & Portman Collection.

In 2020 she completed an MA in Fine Art at Camberwell College Of Art. She is currently a member of the MASS Sculpture Programme 2021-23